About Me

Just what the world needs, another blog! But, in this world of extremes: extreme weight loss, extreme political views, extreme Mountain Dew, I am trying to find a balance. How do you find others like you? How do you find the rational and logical thinkers who don’t give a gut emotional reaction to everything? I’ll talk about anything and everything, basically whatever is on my mind. Some might be a hot news topic and others, general musings. I’m a 30-something, rock & roll, animal loving, tattooed, only wears black woman trying to make it in the corporate world without compromising my own beliefs and unique identity.

I hope you enjoy the ride and if you don’t, stop reading. The good news, I won’t try to sell you anything, ever. This isn’t a for-profit blog. Although if you wanted to pay me, I’ll happily take your money.

Disclaimer: If you love Taylor Swift and pumpkin spice lattes this probably isn’t the blog for you.


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